Smoky Mountain Metal Craft
Metal Design, Fabrication, Forging, Welding & More

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We have a great versatility and experience in designing anything ornamental in a variety of styles for designers and decorators to mechanical design including structures, machines, fixtures and jigs for architects and engineers.   
We work with designers, decorators, contractors, builders, engineers, architects, home and business owners. 


We custom fabricate and build a wide range of products from small decorative and ornamental from hardware to larger commercial projects, from custom furniture to railings, fence and gates. 

Also we fabricate various structural frameworks for machines, tools and other. We work with all common metals and also wood and plastics.  Machining is also available.      


We have experience with restoration of historic and antique metalwork.  We have knowledge and understanding of old fabrication methods and ways to replicate parts and restore functionality and beauty. 

Forging is a truly appreciated art form especially here in the mountain around Asheville and beyond.
As part of restoration processes we hand forge as needed and also as part of clients' original and custom projects.  


Welding services for various commercial projects is available. None commercial projects are also welcome.   

We provide metal repair and alteration services from small to large on site project for residential, commercial and other.   

Metal finishing and texuring is a vast subject and we provide a large range of options.  As part of the "decision making" process we also supply simples to our clients.